My name is Steven Foster. I am the owner and Artist of SPF Taxidermy. I have been enjoying the sport of hunting for 22 years now and over the years I have taken several trophy Whitetails including 5 that gross over 150+ inches.   

When I’m not chasing whitetail deer in the pines or chasing fish off the coast, I am working hard to turn someone’s hard earned animal into a permanent trophy to be displayed for many years.  I learned the art of Taxidermy over 15 years ago and have been enjoying the art ever since. I specialize in whitetail deer,but can turn any animal into a beautiful trophy. All of my hides get skinned and prepped in house , but get sent out to the Wildlife Gallery to be tanned
prior to the mounting process. The result is a trophy that will last long and retain its original beauty.

Above Picture
   The above picture was taken after myself and my wife Becky had the tremendous opportunity to assist NJ Fish and Wildlife with live capturing a Black Bear in Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area. The bear weighed in at 511 pounds and was released alive and well, after the tranquilizers wore off. You can see two trail camera pictures of this bear in the Hunting pictures section.

   I would be happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding field prep, care or the mounting process. Feel free to call me anytime (609) 947-3100